In Australia, students are strictly allowed to use one particular style of writing dissertations referred to as the Australian style. The Australian style resembles the British and the American styles. The following are the dissertation writing tips are commonly used in Australian universities;

  1. The students must ensure that they break down the question to make it more understood – The students are required to analyses the question well by underlining the keywords. The keywords that need to be underlined include:
  • -Verbs, which are also called the task words. Task words will direct the student on how to answer the given question.
  • -Limiting words, which give a sight of the main ideas to focus on the given question
  • -Content words give the student a better understanding of the topic. Taking into considerations the main works to be underlined gives the student the way forward in answering the questions.
  • 2. The students must research on the provided topic – Students are required to avoid repeating dissertations that have already been presented but instead come up with their own ideas. This must be done by use of the Google scholar to avoid repetitions of other published dissertations. If the students get stuck in the process when doing the research they must review the assigned topics and keenly look at the references provided. This gives the student a picture of what to research on and what to read. The students must also keep in the mind the type of references required and write them down.
  • 3. The students must stick to the structure of the dissertation – Although dissertations may seem different from one another the structure must be the same. There must be
  • -The introduction
  • -The body, which must appear after the introduction
  • -The conclusion, which addresses the effects of the research

These segments have their task in the structure of the dissertation.

In the introduction, the students are required to state a brief introduction of their topic and define the main terms. Students should briefly give a discussion of the content of the topic and argue that they are going to do and the procedure of the study. When constructing the body of the dissertation the students are required to:

  • -Analyze different points in every paragraph
  • -Make an arrangement on how they would want their issues to appear like unless when provided with other instructions by their tutors.
  • -Arrange the ideas in each paragraph according to the weight of their importance – The logic of the ideas must be seen from one paragraph to another keeping in touch the image of the idea being addressed with a structure that can be followed without losing the meaning. The statement and elaboration of the idea, an example of the idea and eventually the explanation of the example.
  • -Draw the conclusion after describing the body – The conclusion must be interesting and short. No need things should be included in the conclusion paragraph. The conclusion summarizes the body and the introduction. Students must have confidence and conclude with the strongest points.

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Strategies for writing a dissertation in Australia

Strategies are the methods and tactics to be followed while writing a dissertation. There ten strategies followed in Australia while writing a dissertation:

  1. Proper planning of the work – This is one of the most important strategies which the Australian students must undertake. It requires that:
  • -The research topic should be selected as early as possible to avoid inconveniences.
  • -Clear statements must be well stated on the research topics chosen.
  • -Students are required to choose supervisors and mentors to direct them well on the research topics they have selected.
  • -Time must be well fully utilized to make sure that the dissertation is finished within the set time.
  • 2. The students must make a structure for the dissertation – The structure must be well planned for and each section should be given a time frame for completion. To ensure that there is proper conceptualization, the dissertation must create:
  • -Diagrams
  • -Timelines
  • -Mind-maps
  • 3. Work must be arranged without any distraction – All files must be well organized in a logical manner. Essential references must be well kept for use at the end of the dissertation. The best technologies of software must be utilized well to accomplish the set goals. Where possible, the students can create time and know how to use the bibliography.
  • 4. Students and professionals must know to use manage time well – The dissertation must be treated similarly to a job and commitments must be applied as follows:
  • -Students must work on the dissertations every day.
  • -Students must reserve time each day to focus on the dissertation. There must be a commitment to honour all the responsibilities set in the dissertations.
  • -Goals should be set to enable the students to use their time well.
  • -Activities that can lead to distraction during the writing of the dissertation should be avoided.
  • -Students must plan for the next step as early as possible after finishing one section of the dissertation.
  • -Students should review their work after writing it down to avoid forgetting.
  • 5. Students must begin to write their work down after setting the structure of the dissertations– Writing must be carried out all the time during the process. It organizes the students thinking capacity as well as enhancing their brains. Information is gathered and analyzed in the best format for comprehension as well as written while paying attention to the research topic. Use of different sources must be avoided because they may give varying ideas which might differ from the research topic. Moreover, the research should be carried out in stages for uniformity.
  • 6. Students need to be motivated– Students can reward themselves after attaining the required goals. This should be done monthly, weekly or daily according to the set goals as follows:
  • -Celebrating within the groups to motivate each other.
  • -Having the breaks during the writing of the dissertation but not when the student is stranded.
  • -A timer is used for guidance – Personal diaries are kept to offer guidance in every event.
  • 7. Students need not compare themselves with other students because this might create tension and discouragements.
  • 8. Staying focused is vital – Students need to be focused, encourage themselves and share their progress despite its size. They should learn how to overcome discouragements as well as eat a balanced diet and take body exercises every day to keep their brains fit.
  • 9. Students need to keep in touch with their mentors for more support.
  • 10. Students must get social and academic support from both their parents, relatives and also their advisors.

The dissertation structure in Australia

The structure of the Australian dissertation contains:

  • Introduction – The basic dissertation structure is used unless the students are advised otherwise. The structure must begin with an introduction which gives a clear image of the student’s study. The student must explain:
  • -The background of the research topic
  • -The statements of the thesis
  • -The main purpose of the research.

A reasonable introduction, equivalent to a page, is required to provide the reader with all the information addressed and must contain the research questions as well as the ideas linked in the dissertation.

  • Literature review – This section gives acknowledgement and the review of the dissertation the student is taking. It tackles part of the researches which have already been done in relation to the research topic the student is undertaking. It acts as the guidance to the students and the professionals carrying out the research. It enhances the brains of the students as well as widening their thinking capacity.
  • Methodology – Its one of the essential sections of the dissertation. All the resources used in the dissertation must be well stated before writing down the methodology. This part clearly states:
  • -The methods of collecting data
  • -The participants
  • -Data analysis process
  • -Research questions.
  • Findings – The main aim for coming up with a dissertation project is to give the final results of the undertaken research or study. All materials used in the dissertations must produce the findings and the solutions attained. An Australian dissertation without a section for findings is regarded as invalid and must be retaken. All the research questions are answered and the explanation for how the results have been attained.
  • Conclusion– This consists of the final part of the dissertation which provides the summary of the whole study. It reports briefly the process, methods and the solutions contained in the dissertation. It also contains the effect of the dissertation to the sectors of education as well as its application in the daily life situations.
  • Bibliography – This part includes references and the citations recommended by the instructors. All sources used during the writing process are included in the conclusion to ensure originality of the dissertation.

Importance of good dissertation in Australia

An Australian dissertation is important in the following ways:

  • -It helps improve the learners’ proficiency in the areas they have studied in their learning course.
  • -It equips the learner with the knowledge and skills in research.
  • -Dissertation helps students in formulating research that has been unknown to the research hence giving him more knowledge.
  • -Learners can use the required research methodology in investigating the main problems.
  • -It helps the professionals to carry out research more efficient and effective manner.
  • -Dissertation assist students in getting data that will bring the answers to the research questions.
  • -It helps the learners to draw conclusions, communicate the results and the importance of the research in the studied field.
  • -Dissertation writing has created a platform for the individuals willing to advance their skills in writing.
  • -It has assisted in getting the solutions of different industrial dilemmas in Australia through the findings obtained from the research.
  • -It has contributed to the expansion of many research institutions helping students and professionals globe wide carry out their research.


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    Initially, came the blood curdling scream, within this case it had not been faked, then came the blood, it was
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