Environmental Science

    Purpose of the assignment: In your PGE article, you are analyzing how the injustice at your energy site arose. The purpose of the PGE Thought Piece assignments is for you to advance this analysis for your PGE site. Each thought piece focuses on key theories for understanding how energy injustices arise in general; in your PGE Thought Piece response, you will apply these theories to your particular PGE site. You are invited to revise your PGE Thought piece responses into your final PGE Website.

    First, complete the reading for this class period; then respond to the prompt.

    Prompt: Scott (2010: 31) defines a “sacrifice zone” as “a place that is written off for environmental destruction in the name of a higher purpose, such as the national interest.” This theory of sacrifice zones helps explain how and why some energy injustices arise and thus can be useful for understanding how the energy injustice at your PGE site arose. In this thought piece, write about how you could apply the theory of sacrifice zones to your case. To get you started, you may want to discuss the following for your site:

    – What area might be thought of as a “sacrifice zone” and why?

    – Who is being sacrificed – and what are they sacrificing (or, put differently: what costs are they bearing?)?

    – What “higher purpose” could be being used in your case to hide the sacrifices being made? Do you see any evidence that that “higher purpose” is used as a justification?

    – How are the sacrifices hidden in this case?

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