Health Information Systems and the Electronic Health Record

    earning Outcome:  Examine required documentation and record structures

    Students will utilize the Neehr Perfect EHR for this assignment.  Prior to the assignment, students will need to complete some introductory activities in order to become familiar with the product.

    It is recommended that students complete the following activities, however, you will not turn in these activities.  They are useful in having you learn about how to navigate in the Neehr Perfect EHR.  Completing these activities will make the assignment flow more easily.

    a. Neehr Perfect Scavenger Hunts Levels I – III

    Level I

    Level II

    Level III

    b. Neehr Perfect Activity:  Data Entry

    c. Neehr Perfect Activity:  Communication in the EHR

    Assignment 1:  : Neehr Perfect: EHR Documentation Evaluation

    Once these are completed, you should have the tools to complete the EHR Documentation Evaluation.  

    Enter your answers directly on the sheet.  Save the document with the following naming convention:  neehr perfect 1-lastname.first name