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    1- A p-value is the probability that you will commit a Type II error as a testing outcome. True or False?

    2- How is it possible to reduce the chances of a Type I and Type II error at the same time?

    3- An alpha of .05 for a one-tailed large-sample test gives a Z of

    4- In this course, it is unnecessary to specify both a null and an alternative hypothesis. True or False?

    5- A stated confidence level is actually specifying our confidence in the procedure and not in any particular test. True or False?

    6- The basic parts of an ANOVA are (choose all that are correct)”

    • Between groups variance
    • Within groups variance
    • Relevant groups variance
    • None of these

    7- The F statistic is calculated by (Variability Within Treatments/Variability Between Treatments) True or False?

    8- Higher F values indicate a worse probability of significance. Lower values are better.  True or False?

    9- The assumptions for ANOVA validity are (select all that are correct)

    • Random sampling
    • Probability distributions are normal
    • Data for all groups is in the same unit
    • The means between groups must be between +/- 2 standard deviations