Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
2.1 The privacy of the Customer is of utmost importance to the Company. Personal information disclosed by the customer such as email address, credit card data, and online transactions shall not be shared to third party. All online payment transactions are carried out through the secure and reliable Authorize.net website, which protects customer personal information from being obtained by unauthorized persons. However, the Company does not fully guarantee any disclosures that may occur beyond our measures of control and/or without our fault.

2.2 The Company’s website has certain pages that may require the customer to submit personal information such as the Client’s name, billing address, home address, phone number and credit card type (Especially when filling in the order-form). The primary aim of acquiring the personal information is for the sake of conducting Customer verification and making contact with the client with regards to the order. All personal files submitted by the client for the purpose of verification are deleted from the system immediately verification is complete.

2.3 There should be no direct contact between the Customer and the Writer at all times to retain the privacy of the client and the confidentiality of the online interactions. The Company has set in place a qualified support team to deal with any Customer-related issues/queries that may require additional interactions. All other interactive features availed by the Company are at the Customer’s disposal 24/7.

2.4 Once the Customer pays for the order submitted to the Writer, information contained in order description and additional files required for completion become visible to the Writer. The Company does not take responsibility for any personal information disclosed by the Customer without being required to do so, upon submission of order details. The Company urges customers to avoid revealing personal information when giving order descriptions and when communicating with Writers through the Messaging System.

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