The backfire effect

    you will write an analysis essay For this essay, you will analyze “The Backfire Effect” by examining the writer’s argument, how effective this argument is, and how it shapes the way we understand the subject.

    You will need to break the essay up into three parts:

    Summary of the article
    Analysis of the article
    Who is the writer’s audience? How does the writer appeal to this audience?
    What is the writer’s purpose? How does the writer communicate this purpose?
    What are the strengths and weaknesses of this argument? For example, are there any flaws in the writer’s logic or information the writer isn’t considering that might change the way we think about the subject?
    Synthesis of the article
    How does this information change or supplement your understanding?
    Do you agree with the writer? Why or why not?
    Should this information change the way we view this topic?

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