The Impacts of Financial Markets of BRICS Countries on their Foreign Trade

    The Impacts of Financial Markets of BRICS Countries on their Foreign TradeOrder Description
    ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study is to analyze how much the financial markets of
    BRICS countries contribute to their foreign trade. In this regard, emphasis
    will be made on the BRICS countries owing to their active roles in the
    global economy and their macro size.
    Attempt is made to focus on an appropriate bunch of data for the research
    goals in the study. Analysis is conducted based on secondary data
    accompanied by tables in order for the main idea to be understood better.
    The analysis addresses the impact and role of the financial markets of
    these countries on foreign trade. Detailed analysis of current financial
    markets of BRICS countries is made and the direction of the trend for the
    last five years is inquired. This period covers the years 2010-2014.
    Understanding the trend for external trade and its relationship with
    financial markets by way of using other data is addressed.
    This study focuses on identifying on what scale the financial markets
    constitute a subject of foreign trade as an economic unit for the BRICS
    countries. In other words, it is understood that utilization of financial
    markets is in the status of “trade of shares and stakes” on the scale of
    global investor’s portfolio. In a general sense, however, it is concluded
    that financial markets make positive contribution to the foreign trade of
    BRICS countries. Moreover, this study also addresses opinions with regard
    to the role which both of these economic phenomena play in BRICS countries.