Voting- Mandatory, Popular vote,

    Engaging Hook. Often, a shocking statistic or anecdote can be a quite powerful tool to begin a persuasive essay. Thesis. States the overarching message of the paper. Think about the significance of the issue, and what you want your audience to remember throughout the essay.Examples. The body paragraphs should include pieces of the overarching idea. Consider the body paragraphs as the pathway of understanding or implementing the thesis idea. The number of paragraphs will vary, based on how many pieces there are to fully understand the idea that you are presenting. Counterclaim/Rebuttal Include a few arguments that would be made against your ideas. Then, be sure toaddress those ideas in order to strengthen your case.Conclusion. This should drive home the impact of the ideas. It should include an invitation to act or think a new way. It should bring the essay narrative to a close (i.e. think the destination of the ideas). The conclusion should directly link to the opening hook. Perhaps end the essay with the recurring thematic phrase that relates to the thesis.

    I need a persuasive essay on the topic of voting and how it should be compulsory/mandatory. Also include how we should be using the popular vote instead of the electoral college and some other key points, keeping the main topic on voting and how important it is. Please also include the following quote in the paper:
    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

    Your vote is your voice; be heard.

    3 pages + works cited